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Abbey Fields Swimming Pool near coventry

Abbey Field Swimming Pool is a great swimming pool located in the center of historic Kenilworth. It boasts two exceptional swimming pools, both 25 feet by 10 feet indoor pool and an excellent outdoor pool. You can also make use of our cafe which stocks a wide array of local and international food and drink.”


“The beautiful surroundings, the great facilities are the main reasons to buy your own Abbottsfield Pools and Fixtures. Our aim is to make your holidays in Coventry enjoyable by providing you with the best value for money and quality service.” says Greg Gudakunst. “We have always aimed at providing the customer with the very best in services and prices. If you have looked at any of our other houses in Kenilworth, you will know exactly what we mean in terms of the quality of our facilities.”


The swimming pool is located in the centre of Kenilworth civil parish, close to the medieval abbey and the market square. It is open to the public during summer and all the year round, the hours of operation are sun-tight. This is one of the few places in the city where you can find both the classic Kenilworth castle view and the magnificent river view. This unique combination offers the client a complete recreation experience, from relaxing in the garden to enjoying the magnificent river views and the various events and festivals held regularly in the area.


“I live on Abbottsfield Road and use the Abbottsfield swimming pool every single day. It is excellent value for money and is well worth the trip up the road. Even if you don’t swim you should consider visiting the Abbey because it is a must see. There are a variety of attractions to be seen on a summer day, which is what made me choose this particular location. If you are considering renting this facility make sure that the conditions are adequate and that you get a written quotation from the kenilworth property owners before booking.”


So, Abbottsfield Pools is about to become another Coventry hotspot for families looking for a new indoor or outdoor pool. What’s more it is almost certainly one of the best deals in the region. If you live in Kenilworth and are considering buying a house in the area you will no doubt be looking around the abbey fields for some good deals. The people of Kenilworth and their involvement in local regeneration projects means that you should be able to find a suitable facility very soon.


For those wanting to visit the swimming pool for the first time, or to refresh their memory of the facilities at the previous site of the Abbey, Kenilworth is the place to be. The name is pronounced Abbey-you and the ruins of the Abbey can be seen there. If you have never visited the site before, you might want to do so. If you have had an opportunity to go, you might like to revisit on occasion. If you are thinking of buying a property in Kenilworth and need to find a good reference, the citation needed is one you should be able to find in Abbottsfield Pools, Dorset. Also check planet-ice-coventry