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Astley Castle Landmark Trust in North Warwickshire

Astley Castle Landmark Trust is an exciting investment opportunity with a wonderful location. It is located in North Warwickshire, England – a historic land of castles, manor houses, farms, hills, etc. This area was historically occupied by the Earls of Shrewsbury, the famous brewer of the time. The castle itself was built around a manor garden which has now been transformed into a magnificent tourist attraction.


The Astley Castle Landmark Trust is a fascinating series of manor houses and manor gardens that sit at the base of a monstrous manor called “the towers”. It is thought to be one of the most impressive manor houses ever created and it certainly stands tall among the others in this unique area. This remarkable manor house has been granted its heritage status and has also been listed on the Heritage List. It is situated in the beautiful county of Shropshire and it is surrounded by many acres of luxurious countryside. The surrounding area is simply breathtaking. You will be captivated by all of the lush, scenic beauty of this amazing area.


The Astley Castle Landmark Trust has won many awards over the years for the quality of its maintenance and the landscaping and gardens on its premises. It is now a Grade II listed building and it is considered a Scheduled Ancient Monument. It actually originated from the Norman conquest, and it was used as a prison, manor and palace. As a significant manor house it was turned into a castle and then eventually a manor house again. It still stands today as a Stirling prize.


The Grade II listed building is very impressive in itself. It was designed by Thomas Cromwell and is surrounded by acres of stunning countryside. There are numerous activities that take place within its boundaries. This includes a Threave Gardens that is open to the public every single day. Many people visit this garden to get an idea about the rich history that surrounds the manor house and to see the various plants and flowers that thrive in this beautiful area.


This manor house was also known as Ashby House and it was built in the year 1660. It was designed by the well-known architect Sir Christopher Wren. This amazing manor house has also won awards in the National Trust for Architecture for its wonderful design and the architecture that are featured in the building. It certainly lives up to its claim as one of the most remarkable landmarks in the area. It certainly is one of the top locations to view the award winning Thomas Cromwell portrait.


The Grade I listed landmark is located within the National Park called Ayia Napa. This fantastic park features rolling hills, wooded valleys, beautiful waterfalls and other natural beauty that make this location a great location to view some of the most exquisite manor houses in the world. The town of Ayia Napa also offers a fantastic local cuisine that is made from local produce. You will certainly want to take your camera with you when visiting this Also check service area  wonderful historic location.

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