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Brandon Marsh is an interesting Site of Special Scientific Interest, situated at the confluence with Avon River and Wye River in Warwickshire England. It is located close to the town of Brandon, some miles west of Coventry. It is an important habitat for many types of flora and fauna, birds and animals. Some of the most common birds in this region are the House Finch, Stokes, Woodpeck, Larks, Grey Junglefowl, Grey-headed Parakeet, Green-winged teal, Black-cheeked teal, Black-crowned teal, Great Indian Hornbill, Yellow-collared crane and spotted flat. There are numerous other birds like egrets, warblers, towhees, black bears, pelicans, chipmunks, otters, and crocodiles.

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve Warwickshire England


This reserve was created by the National Trust for the Countryside and has a great ecological reputation. Many people visit it to watch the varied species of wildlife. You can also stay at the Wye River Accommodation which offers wonderful views of the marsh and Wye River valley. The Wye River and Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve are about ten miles from central Warwickshire. It is accessible by car or train.


Brandon Marsh has been declared as a Biosphere Reserve since 1974. This reserve has a wide ecological network and is considered to be among the very best in the whole United Kingdom. The local people are very friendly and helpful. They have made a lot of arrangements for visitors to tour and see the reserve. There is a restaurant called “The Hooth” where the local people serve delicious food. The restaurant is open all the time and there are always people sitting around and having lunch or dinner.


If you like birds then you will love this reserve. There are many species of birds in and around the reserve. Among the birds that are found here are: Black Headed Grosbeak, Black Stork, Woodpeck, Great Egret, Kingfisher, Black Backed Oriole, Common Yellow Airways, White-ankled Bunting, Cuckoo-cuckoo, White-throated Spotted Chat, Grey Jungle Fowl, Grey Jungle Rabbit, Brown spotted merganserious, and Grey Woodpecker. These birds can be seen at all seasons.


People who visit Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve will also be amazed at the variety of wild flowers and plants. There are lots of different flowers and plants that are available here. These include Rosemary, Borage, and Sage, which are easily grown in the area. A beautiful tree called the “Buckland Pines” can also be found growing in the reserve.


There are also quite a number of animals living in this reserve. Some of these animals include: Red eared ducks, Black Skink, Raccoon, Slaty tail shrew, Mouse Deer, and many more. You will surely get attracted to these animals when you visit Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve. This is why it is called as the sanctuary of all wildlife. Also check other service area – War Memorial Park