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Coundon Hall Park Coventry

Coundon Hall Park is a wonderful location to take your family or have a reunion with friends. You can also sit and relax in the pavilion that is located at the park’s edge. The park is surrounded by mature trees and beautiful grasslands, making it an idyllic place for picnics. Sizable open green space with a playground, several football fields and a natural wooded area located at its edge. This park is one of the best locations for walking and horse riding, especially during Spring when the wildflowers are in bloom.


Coundon Hall Park is managed by the Friends of Coventry. The park offers numerous facilities like swimming pools, playgrounds, a water feature and picnic areas. During the summer season, families can stay cool by using the various pavilions that are available to them. In addition to these, in the summer season, concerts are also held. Coventry has a number of live bands as well as DJs who perform throughout the year.


One thing that many people do not realize about this park is that there is actually two Picnic Courses in this park. These courses are located on opposite sides of the park. One is used for the public and the other is reserved for members only. The public is advised to visit the public picnic area which is open to the public, whereas the protected area is only accessible by members. In either case, children should be kept under the care of a responsible adult.


The Picnic Courses is open from late May until mid-September. During this period, children are allowed to attend for free and there are also no fees. However, there are certain rules and regulations that children need to follow. For instance, they are not to walk or play near any other children or animals, and they are also not permitted to bring anything with them into the picnic area.


At the southern end of the park, you will find the Woodland Trail. This trail is not as long as the other ones found in the park, but it does run along the edge of the park and connects to the other portions of the property. It also goes past the playground area and the observation deck. From here, you will be able to easily access the picnic area as well as all other areas located within the boundaries of the park. The trail is graded as gentle to difficult, depending upon the proximity to other features found within the property.


To continue your enjoyment of Coundon Hall Park, you may want to visit the playground located at the southern end of the property. Here, you will find climbing frames as well as swings and slides. Another attraction is the slide known as the monkey bar. This is located just off the center of the playground and also has climbing frames. For more fun, you can also visit the sand area located in the lower left corner of the playground. Also check genting-casino-coventry