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Coventry Cathedral Ruins

Coventry is the largest city in England and located in the southwest part of England. It is known as one of the “Big Cities” in England and has many attractions for tourists. The city was previously a Saxon settlement, which was formed around eight hundred years ago. Over three thousand years later, the rebuilt Coventry Cathedral stands proudly on the city’s doorstep. A century ago, the cathedral was destroyed by the Royal Air Force during World War II. The ruins of the cathedral are now protected and can be visited.


The towers of the cathedral stand tall on the site and are reminiscent of medieval times. You will find that the towers are painted a rich red color, and that they are adorned with pointed, dark metal pointed sections. The darkening of the surface is an effect created by the bombarding of the air force during World War II. Remains of a magnificent cathedral destroyed by bombing, with breathtaking tower rises to take its place.


There are many Coventry Cathedral ruins that are open to visitors. Two men were responsible for the rebuilding of the ruined structure and they are responsible for keeping it looking its finest. The men are George Rose and John Bissard. These two men worked side by side to restore the cathedral and they have kept the tradition going, repairing and restoring each time since then.


A wonderful attraction in Coventry cathedral ruins is the Rosebery Playhouse. This venue is located at the bottom of a hill and there are many attractions located near the site such as the Witching Garden and the Priory Church of Saint Mary. This unique venue was built for children and teenagers and was originally built as a summer home for local school students. It soon became a popular attraction for adults and now plays host to overnight visitors.


A unique and unusual way to enjoy Coventry Cathedral is on a Sunday night. You can watch performers as the sunlight glows on the stained glass panels. The performance includes local musicians as well as professional choirs from around the UK. Each performance lasts approximately two hours.


If you are looking for an exciting and unusual way to end your weekend, Coventry is perfect. Over the last few years, many unique events have been planned and the city has embraced them with open arms. There are numerous unique festivals held each year. These range from food and wine festivals, comedy festivals, street markets and more. There are also annual arts events held within shouting distance of the cathedral.


To finish your stay in the beautiful town of Coventry, there is always one exciting way to do so. A short walk from the Cathedral, you can experience one of the best preserved medieval towns in England. Or, if you prefer, stay in one of the stylish hotels located within shouting distance of the ruined remains of the old town. There are plenty of options available to suit your budget. With affordable prices, Coventry is one of the most affordable cities to visit in the United Kingdom. Also check bagots-castle