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The Crackley Woods Nature Reserve is located in the south west corner of the city of Coventry. This reserve is a world heritage site and one of the most visited attractions in England. The unique character of this reserve is that it is formed on the Pennine Plain which was once part of an ancient Roman highway. The nature reserve is situated near the Pennine mountain which was used during medieval times as the capital of the Roman Empire. It has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Crackley Woods Nature Reserve near Coventry


The entire park has been developed to cater to the needs of all kinds of wildlife. The unique characteristics of the place have resulted in many species being represented here including: tigers, deer, foxes, wild boars, wild cats, carrion birds, moose, eagles, rare birds, many varieties of insects, amphibians and mammals. The wildlife found in the park has led to an increase in tourism in recent years. There are around twenty-five different types of wildlife found in the park. Over three hundred varieties of mammals are also present in the park.


The main attraction of the park is its Trentham Cave, which is located at the centre of the reserve. The cave has been well preserved and is said to date back to twenty-five thousand years. Other attractions of the reserve include Black Forest, which is a maze of woodland which is surrounded by water. The reserve also includes a beach and several beach camps. Another attraction is the Whinlatter Forest, which is a very rare dense forest and home to a large variety of wood animals and plant life.


The Crickley Woods Nature Reserve is also home to several other natural attractions such as: Stonehenge, The Great Orme, Woolston Cave, The Charn Stones and The Trentham Cave. It is located near The Peak District. One of the most popular sights in the area is the Stonehenge where you can watch as the sun sets and watch the lines of carvings and ancient stone carved figures. This place is best visited in the evening as it becomes dark.


Crickley Woods is also known for other attractions such as: The Great Orme, an eight mile long open clay restoring railway and a walk over its half mile long valley. A visit to the Great Orme can be accompanied by a trip to the nearby St. Michael’s Mount and St. John’s Mount. The Great Orme’s attraction is the Gros Islet, where it is believed the sun truly rises from. There is also the Jurassic Coast, a stretch of coast line found in the south west corner of the park. This is thought to be the country’s only coastal beach and this area is very popular with families.


Crickley Woods is a great destination for those travelling in the UK on holiday. They have all the facilities that you would expect from a holiday park including activities for all the family from children to older adults. It is very peaceful and quiet here and the views are simply stunning. It is definitely a destination worth taking when planning your next holiday to the UK. Also check wyken-croft-nature-park