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Escape Live is a multi-player online escape game played by up to 4 players. This thrilling interactive gaming option provides 3 highly optimized escape rooms with different themes. Players can choose to be one of the three agents sent to infiltrate this mansion and get out alive. Each room is equipped with different challenges and obstacles to overcome before the agent has time to rest.

Escape Live Coventry


The storyline of the Escape Live Coventry is a high-stakes, mystery-thriller about a group of high school students who are accused of murder. One of them manages to escape while apprehending the main suspect. Players are asked to help the police officers apprehend him and find out who exactly was behind the crime.


The player can choose to be any of the following agents during the course of the story. The basic storyline is in turn broken up into different chapters, which are based on different locations of the city: The Police Station, The Museum, The Garage and the Car Park. There are also several mini-games and challenges for all levels of players. Some of these include “escape from police custody” which challenges the player to escape from the police lockup, “escaping prison” which challenges the player to locate a way out of the maximum security prison and “find missing evidence” which is a puzzle-solving adventure in which the player needs to find the secret information to solve the case.


The Escape Live game offers two difficulty settings for users. The first one is the Normal difficulty level where the Agent has limited power-ups and weapons to use to combat against the enemies. The second one is called Advanced Hard where the Agent has many weapons and more powerful attacks to use against the enemy. The Free Parking mode enables the player to select the difficulty level at any given point of time without switching between the two difficulty levels. The game is played within a single browser and the player doesn’t need to download anything to play the game.


The story of the Escape Live revolves around a man called Joe who is found brutally murdered in his own car in a remote section of a city called Coventry. Two CCTV crew discover the murder and with the help of some computer experts, they manage to track down the killer. They then bring him before the judge who remanded him into confinement while they investigate the crime. A year later, the CCTV cameras detect a massive traffic jam on the motorway near the city and the police discover that the killer had set the traffic stop for a thirty-two minute span. An agent from the British government arrives in the city just as the jam occurred and enters through the hole where Joe was killed. Together, they discover that the killer was planning to storm the prison where the remaining agents were holding Joe but were stopped short by the arrival of the US president.


The Escape Live game provides a fast pace and a very intense real-life simulation that you can play right from your web browser without any downloading or installation required. It uses Flash technology to create a highly detailed and thrilling virtual world. You are also provided with instructions, tips and tricks that will allow you to complete the various challenges within minutes and improve your chances of surviving the prison break. In addition to the thrilling story, players can also try to find out who the real mastermind behind the crime is and why he wants to free America from the clutches of the British government. If you want to know more about this exciting game, visit our website and get updated about the latest releases. Also check  lychgate-cottages