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“Welcome to Faerie-Tale Alpaca Farm in Coventry, the Heart of England.” That’s what the sign outside of Faerie-Tale Farm states. But the farm is more than just a destination for vacationing. It is home to a thriving community of people from all walks of life. They include musicians, writers, teachers, politicians, actors and tourists.


“We call ourselves Faerie Folk, a loose affiliation of individuals who like to think themselves into positions that others wouldn’t dream of,” explainsretto, a native of Italy, who owns the land. “We have no masters or managers. Our economy is based upon receiving and producing local goods for sale and living off the revenue generated through the sale of our own products to others who visit our fair.” That’s just one way of looking at it.


In The Faerie-Tale Farm, visitors are greeted by an enchanting river cave complete with slides, giant rocks, and chutes. Once you’re in the cave, there is so much more. “You can get married on the beach, have your photo taken by a friendly mermaid, and enjoy dinner on the roof overlooking the city below you,” explains Bretto. The possibilities are endless.


For those who want to see what all the excitement is about without actually being in the city, The Faerie Tale Farm can give you a tour. You can go as a group or as a couple. Each day, you’ll drive from the farm to the city. When you arrive, the fun begins. There is a variety of activities and events taking place at the farm including pumpkin carving, horse shoes, vegetable auctions and storytelling.


The farm itself is located north of the city of Alpendorf. It is about four miles from the downtown area. As far as the amenities go, there are basically four areas to stay: The Lodge, The Farm, The Adventure Park, and The Spa. The facilities are very comfortable. My sister and I stay at the lodge, which is located very close to the farm. My mom stays at the farm, and we have had wonderful experiences there.


The Faerie Tale Farm Alpacas Coventry is sure to make you feel like you are a part of this magical community. Your special someone will certainly enjoy spending time in this unique location. If you are considering the experience, I encourage you to take a bit of time. It is definitely worth the visit. Also check sgt-bilkos-vintage-emporium-the-phil-silvers-archival-museum