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Hawkesbury Junction is an important canal market town in England, in the north east of the famous Oxford canal, where it intersects the popular Hawkesbury Canal, in central England. This small market town has seen its heyday as a tourist destination since the mid-19th century, when it was developed to become a market town. It has now grown into a large town with over ten thousand people living in it and is one of the busiest towns in the country. The area around the Hawkesbury Junction is very urban, filled with high-rise buildings, and has a variety of public transport links including the London Underground and Eurostar. There are also many museums, art galleries and heritage buildings here, such as the famous Cogglesworth Museum.

Hawkesbury Junction


The market town of Hawkesbury Junction can be seen from many places. They are easily spotted with their two major tube stations, which are – Virgin Rail (Hertfordshire) and Southeastern (Wimborne). The other station on the canal is – Holyhead. From either station, you can travel to many places, including – Hawley, Croyde and Epsom and then along the narrow coastal path to Basingstoke.


There is more to the story of this old market town than just the canal. This is an excellent area for bird spotting, as there are numerous birdhouses all along the coastline of the Hawkesbury Junction canals. There is also the prospect of river cruising. The water levels in the area fluctuates, and boats are able to cross the canal daily. There are also boats available to use for trips out to the islands across the Inner Banks, or to visit Basingstoke and Holyhead. Also check coventry-charterhouse-priory-of-st-anne