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Herbert Art Gallery  Museum

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is an art gallery, museum, photographic archive, educational centre, press centre, contemporary learning centre, multimedia studio and visual arts production facility, located at about 50 kilometres west of London, England. Established in 1965, the Gallery has been extending its wings to incorporate cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches. With a strong commitment to community involvement, the Gallery houses numerous projects and programmes that have helped people in the region. The aim is to encourage young people to develop a sense of social responsibility through its Free Expression Zone, an exhibition that highlights different facets of local culture, traditions and history. It also hosts numerous festivals, conferences and lectures, such as the annual London Fashion Week.


The Herbert art gallery & museum is home to over a hundred permanent galleries that showcase both the breadth and depth of British art. Exhibitions take place throughout the year, featuring both new and old artists, who will present their work either on the walls or on tables. A visit to the Gallery will enable you to experience the full depth of British art.


In addition to the permanent galleries, the Gallery houses a number of temporary exhibition spaces that enable visitors to explore the full depth of British art. Temporary exhibitions cover a wide range of art forms, including photography, installation art, contemporary sculpture, photographic art, installation dancing, performance art and contemporary writing. Some popular areas of interest include the Max Planck Gallery, the Saachi gallery, the Costume Institute, the National Gallery, the Saachi gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Exhibitions run throughout the year and are designed to enable visitors to get up close to the visual arts, to experience the vibrancy and energy that these displays have to offer.


A guided tour is usually included in a visit to the Gallery and Museum, and there are a number of other heritage sites located close by. Several local businesses host regular garage sales, home sales and estate sales, enabling people to make some extra money from their homes. Many local residents benefit from attending such activities, as they earn additional revenue from such visits.


The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum dedicates itself to preserving Coventry’s rich heritage. It seeks to promote excellence in visual arts through an annual residency, a travelling exhibition and a host of temporary exhibitions. The Gallery was established in Coventry in 1970 and is run by the late Mrs. Winifred Herbert. Her husband, Frank Herbison, is the current artistic director. Her son, Ronald is in charge of the running of the museum.


Numerous Coventry hotels offer accommodation in proximity to the museum, so visitors are only minutes away from exploring the thriving visual arts scene in the west Midlands. The museum has been repeatedly nominated for World Heritage status. Coventry is a vibrant city, and is the home of the popular herb tea, wind, and coffee. There is plenty to see and do in and around the West Midlands, which could make a very good holiday destination for family enthusiasts. A visit to Herbert Art Gallery & Museum would be a wonderful way to spend a day, and gain insight into the rich heritage and culture of Coventry. check other service area Coventry Cathedral