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Holy Trinity Coventry

Holy Trinity Church, Coventry, once again is a significant Roman Catholic Church of the East Midlands, based at Coventry city centre, West Midlands, England. It was built in the sixth century in the west end of the Roman road and has been rebuilt many times. It was rebuilt again in the eighteenth century to seventeen hundred by the Abbot of Bath, and afterwards by the Prince of Wales. In recent times it was rebuilt again by the same abbot and is now known as Holy Trinity College.


A visit to the Cathedral is an arresting visual experience, particularly in winter when the imposing spires seem to swallow the town of Coventry into their bowels. The main part of the structure is Gothic in style and is reminiscent of the Roman Catholic Church. The Spire is covered with carvings of saints and angels and features two hundred gargoyles, each of which holds a candle. It is thought that the structure was inspired by the Holy Trinity of Rome. It is possible that its design was taken from the Holy Trinity of Jerusalem.


The main congregation of Holy Trinity is the Old Parish Church, built in Victorian times and facing the High Street. One side is designated as a Pastoral Center, while the opposite side is the meeting place for civil weddings, funerals, receptions, and corporate events. The building is open to the public and can be accessed by both car and public transport. During summer it is also accessible by boat. Holy Trinity is located at a very short distance from central London and is in the very heart of Coventry city.


On a trip to Holy Trinity one must consider the experiences that are available to those who wish to learn about this historic event. If you wish to learn more, the church has audio/visual facilities that allow you to study in the privacy of your own home. There is also a great deal of educational material on the web site that is not available anywhere else. For a high quality Christian education that combines faith and learning you must definitely consider learning from a local or accredited college or university that offers a religious education.


There is a very strong association between the Holy Trinity Church and St. Ann Church in Westenersgate. The first erection of this church was completed in 1301 and continued until the Reformation. This connection is made even more apparent by the fact that the Reformation Pope, Martin Luther said that he received his knowledge of the faith from this church. A visit to Holy Trinity and St. Ann’s church can be enjoyed by anyone living in or around the City of Coventry.


Holy Trinity is also located close to another important church, the Beth Din. The Beth Din is known as the Church of the Annunciation. The name comes from the Greek word ‘annunciation’ which refers to the act of welcoming God’s chosen people into His Kingdom. Holy Trinity is located right next to the Beth Din and attracts many visitors who are keen to learn about its rich history and association with the Church of the Annunciation. If you are planning to visit the city of Coventry any time soon, then make sure that you take a stop at Holy Trinity. also check caludon-castle-park