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If you’re looking for a place to go fishing, Makins Fishery is a good place to go. The location is on the Santiam River, which flows through much of northern Thailand. This means that there are plenty of good fish to be caught in this part of Thailand, which is also the primary headquarters for Thai massage therapy. This practice is said to combine the physical and spiritual elements of the human mind and body, along with the natural healing power of the environment. It is one of the main reasons that tourists love coming to Thailand so much.

Makins Fishery


Makin’s fishery is a big name in Thai Fishing and you will find it quite easily by just doing a quick search online. This large scale business is located right in the heart of Phuket, Thailand, near the mouth of the Nuneaton River. In addition to the main fishing lakes, there are several smaller ones including Nuneaton, Nai Yang, Chaweng and Koh Racha.


At Makins Fishery, you can choose from two main types of lure, fish bait or skimmers, and each of these has its own specific place in the water as well as the different ways in which they are used. Fish bait is usually mixed up with feathers, banana pods, or even plants. Skimmers are usually all mixed up with rice.


Another important aspect to Makins fishery lies in the ticket sales. These tickets are used to purchase all of the products that fishermen sell. These include everything from fish baits to saltwater baits to marine shads and worms to help with the overall sustainability of the entire Thai fishing industry. These ticket sales are done regularly and anglers are offered a discount on the bulk purchases as well as an extra discount on each individual purchase.


At Makins Fishery, every angler needs to purchase a fishing pole or stand of their own. The stand is responsible for holding the bait and for it to be visible to other anglers. Each pole and stand has a unique number stamped on it and is used for each particular angler. This is how every fishery becomes a success and the only way in which each of the anglers can become familiar with their favorite place to fish.


Every year, hundreds of anglers from across Thailand visit Makins Fishery in Chaweng to fish for the exotic and wonderful species of freshwater shrimp, lizards and frogs. There are two main islands that make up this scenic and popular fishery and each island boasts a diverse variety of species of fish. There are over fifty species of freshwater shrimp and over a hundred species of lizards in Chaweng alone. Many of the species of these creatures are endemic to nearby islands, making them quite rarer than in other parts of Thailand. These are but some of the incredible things that attract anglers to this popular fishery. Also check stoneleigh-car-boot