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Nuneaton Bowl

Located right in the heart of Warwickshire – in the Cotswolds – Nuneaton Bowl is an outdoor entertainment centre that aims to make your evenings and weekends fun and unforgettable. Nuneaton Bowl centres are open seven days a week and feature some of the best indoor facilities in the county. They offer an extensive variety of events on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to, children’s programmes, live entertainment, family programmes, corporate entertainment, DJ nights, barbecues, folk nights, carol nights, and much more. Nuneaton Bowl prides itself on its “live and let live” attitude and the ability to provide a friendly, warm, intimate atmosphere to guests and their families.


If you are looking for an event at the centre that will make you stand out from the crowd, then the Nuneaton Bowl is the place to be. The venue has four stages and an incredible line up of guest entertainers that can make your evenings with your friends or family special. The Nuneaton Bowl features a brilliant line up of entertainment each and every night. There are fantastic shows from local talent to national stars to up and coming talents. The main showroom has a large stage and two camera areas and there is always an open bar for your enjoyment. There are over thirty VIP guest houses located in the immediate vicinity of the centre and many of them also have private bars and dancing areas.


For the most part, the Nuneaton area is safe to spend a Saturday night in as there are no major incidents or crime in the surrounding streets. That is of course, unless there is an occasion such as St. Patrick’s Day where there may be alcohol or other drink driving offenses or problems. The area is perfectly safe for young adults enjoying a night out, as there are no pubs and little to no set up of any kind. However, if you would like to spend the evening watching a very entertaining live show from the Nuneaton Bowl’s main stage, then you are going to need to book your spot in advance.


It goes without saying that you will have to fill in the booking form in detail and provide accurate information about your own individual tastes and interests when it comes to music. We will then carefully review the details you have provided and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you get a show that is suitable for your needs and guests. You will also have to ensure that you follow the local restrictions and regulations which may apply depending on when you decide to visit. Some of these may apply even when attending a live show at the Nuneaton Bowl. For instance, you may be required to have a valid license and a photo ID when entering the venue and you may be restricted to wearing certain clothing or a certain type of clothing.


One of the best ways to book Nuneaton Bowl tickets is to use the services of one of our preferred online booking specialists. This is because they usually have access to the most updated information on events which can be used by both individuals and other professionals to make suitable decisions. A good specialist will also have the contacts of those who can arrange for special deals on Nuneaton Bowl tickets. If you are looking for an affordable deal, then using one of our recommended online services could be a good way to find exactly what you are looking for without any hassles. The good news is that because the Nuneaton Bowl has a reputation for providing an exceptionally varied and exciting line up of musical performances, there are always exciting promotions available which means that prices do not remain static for too long.


Our preferred selection of online bookings specialists includes Live Nation, Ticketmaster and Ticketsworld. All of these companies have a proven track record in providing us with reliable and quick tickets for all of our events, including the famous Nuneaton Bowl. With a simple click of a button you can have your tickets booked and you can start to plan your evenings and travel plans immediately. Whether it is for corporate events, family entertainment or an exciting night out with friends, we are sure that you will never regret making our reservation and booking your tickets online. Also check the-civic-hall-in-bedworth