GAB Handyman Service Area RedKangaroo Trampoline Park Coventry

RedKangaroo Trampolines Park is located at Warwick Park, near Coventry. The park is opened from Tuesday to Sunday, from noon to half an hour after sunset. The park is open to everyone and has a variety of trampolines for the entire family to enjoy. There is a separate area for kids called ‘Play School’.

RedKangaroo Trampoline Park Coventry


This is the place where you can find all kinds of entertainment and learn how to rollerblade or jump with the many instructors that are around. There is the option of taking lessons from professionals in the sport of Redkangaroo Rollerblading. There are a number of shops located within the premises, including a cinema and a supermarket. There is also a variety of sporting equipment available for purchase. There is a large variety of equipment for children and adults, as well as games for the whole family to play. All these activities take place every day, rain or shine.


There is a smaller sized park located at Red Kangaroo itself, which is known as ‘Red Leash’. This park is only accessible by the public and is not open to the general public. It has been designed especially for people with limited mobility.


The trampolines that are available in the Red Kangaroo Park are manufactured by Red Kangaroo Trampolines Limited and are made out of the highest quality materials and with safety features in mind. These trampolines have been tested extensively by the Australian Redkangaroo Trampolining Association (ARTA) and the national governing body for trampolining, in order to ensure that these machines are as safe as possible for everyone to use. All equipment is manufactured to strict guidelines so that there is absolutely no risk of injury or damage to any person, whatever their ability to walk or what type of disability they may have.


The park has many exciting attractions that are suited for children and adults alike. There is an interactive tunnel which allows you to walk through the jungle while you swing on the trampolines. There is also a massive climbing centre complete with hand held climbing frames, a climbing wall and many other exciting features to keep you entertained. For those adults who don’t want to climb or swing on the trampolines there are also many walking tracks which allow you to enjoy the beautiful bush environment and get some exercise. There are also a number of picnic facilities at the park, as well as a water playground and a tramway for children. There are many exciting activities which can be enjoyed at Red Kangaroo Park, from walking, jogging or riding the tramps to playing in the sand area and relaxing at the park’s spa area.


You will find that visiting the park is a great way to spend some time alone and relax. There are many trampolines at the park, which makes it suitable for people of all ages. Red Kangaroo Park is located near Olinda, New South Wales and is about 20 minutes from Sydney. The prices of the trampolines at the park are quite reasonable and when you consider the price of petrol, you will find that the price of the park ticket is well worth it. Also check brinklow-castle