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Spon Street Coventry

Spon Street is an exquisite street in central Coventry, also known as West Street. It is located between Market Street and Commercial Street, within the City of London. Spon Street is a name given to the street where the Bank of England is located. The street used to be part of an earlier road which ran from Gosford to Birmingham a street that still exists today. This particular street has now been incorporated into the modern name of Spon Street.


The term ‘Spon Street’ was first used in 1920 when it became an area in the inner ring road network of the City of Coventry. This was the first planned urban street within the city centre of Coventry and was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The project included improving the streetscape of the city centre and reworking several streets from the historic Old Town to the new Market Street. The road was redesigned to accommodate motor traffic and to provide for better pedestrian traffic. Many of the original Victorian buildings along with other Victorian buildings dating from the Edwardian era were retained during this refurbishment project.


Today Spon Street features retail outlets, restaurants, bars and a wide range of other businesses. This vibrant commercial area has seen a large amount of refurbishment to take place in recent years and it is frequently considered one of the best locations in the city centre for business promotion and recruitment. The historic and architectural features of the historic street lend it a unique character, which makes it ideal for any business looking for a unique location, which is not only convenient for its current users but also meets all their specific needs. There are plenty of other reasons for choosing Spon Street as your preferred location for your next company meeting or special event, which will also include the benefits of being located conveniently in the centre of the city.


Spon Street’s central location means that it is just minutes away from the heart of Coventry. Many of the facilities that are available in the city centre such as the tube, bus station and the Olympic Park are only a short distance away. This convenient location has made it so much easier for organisations and companies to achieve their key objectives, which is why these factors have been recognised by the government and major UK banks as being key factors in helping to make the city centre a popular place to base a business. Due to the large amounts of people who work in and around the inner ring road area, there are plenty of social activities and events taking place, making it a great place for visitors to visit and established residents to visit with friends and family.


For many years the Spon Street area of the city centre was a neglected area, but in the last few years this has changed dramatically. With regeneration works now underway and more buildings being built there, the streets are becoming a favourite place to shop and live. The amount of new development on the streets of on street has led to a rise in property prices, which makes the area an ideal place for home buyers and investors. Property sales have increased in the area since the property developers began to build new developments, providing the purchasers with a market value property, at a good price. The regeneration of the area around the ring road has also helped to increase the number of jobs available in Coventry as well as creating more job opportunities for local residents.


One of the best parts about Spon Street in Coventry is that there is never a lack of restaurants, pubs and other eating places. There is always something available to eat or drink in this dynamic and lively central London. Some of the most popular bars and restaurants are located on the fringes of the inner ring road and close to the train station. You can choose from a wide variety of food and drink in any of the establishments on the spon street. This wide choice of establishments means that there will be something available to suit every taste and budget, providing a fantastic and enjoyable experience for locals and visitors alike. Also Check canal-basin