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GAB Handyman Coventry Service Area – Stoneleigh Abbey, Cornwall – A Breathtaking British Holiday Retreat

Stoneleigh Abbey is an English country house & holiday park south of Coventry. Surrounded by rolling hills it’s set against a backdrop of beautiful English countryside. To the north are the village of Stoneleigh, Warwickshire and to the south is Grosmont and with the Towwash River on its doorstep. The Abbey itself has a Grade I listed structure.

Stoneleigh Abbey COVENTRY


The abbey was originally built in the eleventh century as a monastery and is thought to be one of the first monasteries in England. The monks who established the abbey were from France and it is thought that they may have built it before travelling to England. The abbey was closed to the public in the twentieth century but has since been brought back into public ownership as part of a regeneration plan.


The area around Stoneleigh Abbey is unique in terms of scenery and natural beauty. It’s full of hills and mountains and is popular for walking and hiking. In the spring the whole valley sparkles with colors of summer flowers. Hiking in this area is gentle and the scenery unspoilt. There are some excellent walking paths as well as horse rides and kids’ rides available.


The most famous landmark in the town is the Tower of Joy. Built in the eleventh century this massive structure has three stories and is visible from all angles. Every evening a clock tower lighted by candlelight rises to its top for a spectacular view over the town and beyond. At night the tower lights up in a lovely dance pattern and is seen by people all over the world.


The other tourist attractions in the area include Stoneleigh Castles which are thought to date back to the eighth century and have been beautifully restored. They are surrounded by a lush garden and surrounded by a moat. The Castles have a great deal of old-fashioned carvings including one very intriguing item that dates back to the fourteenth century. The rock towers at the abbey are impressive and are surrounded by a forest of trees. Scenic walks along the moat provide the perfect opportunity to spend a morning or afternoon.


If you are going to visit Stoneleigh Abbey on holiday you will find it a very welcoming place. The people are friendly and do want to make you feel welcome. The stone buildings and castle are well preserved and the local community plays an important role in the running of the town. Many of the local residents still live at the town center. The nearest town to Stoneleigh Abbey is Grosmont. The nearest railway station is St Pancras International Station. Also check service Area – Ryton Pools Country Park