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The Weavers House coventry

The Weaver’s House Coventry is located on Threave Common at the very end of the dock. It is one of the most popular attractions in the area, known for its lovely docklands and marina. Living museum within a renovated historic weaver’s house & old garden in an ancient row of fifteenth century wooden cottages. Also, home to Christopher Scott Key’s Remains, which is a major tourist attraction. Also provides information on the history of the docks and the surrounding area.


It also presents the world’s only surviving Georgian canal boat, which can be viewed on the journeys around the city. It also has a maritime museum, the birthplace of the writer, Virginia Woolf. You can also visit the city’s public house, The Adelphi, which was originally built in 1740 as a home for the Adelphi merchant family. The original architecture is based on the same style of French architecture that has been used in the city’s buildings for over a hundred years. You can also walk along the beautiful Royal Canal to the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, where the main Cathedral is located.


On the other side of the Royal Canal, you will find the beautiful Georgian church, which provides a fascinating glimpse of the city’s rich history. It also has an attractive fish pond, which is open to children from early year until Christmas. In the centre of the church is the home of the Weaver’s House, once used by the author, Virginia Woolf. And you can enjoy tea and coffee with a cup of tea at your leisure in this beautiful and idyllic garden.


The Weaver’s House also offers some of the best bird watching in England, being located at the very end of the pier. The birds are highly dependent on the tides, being about half a mile out each day. It is advisable to book online, as there are many different packages available depending on how close you want to be to the water. The area is also known for its limestone cliffs, which give a very dramatic & unique appearance. Some of the cliffs are only accessible by car.


The home of the Weaver is a two-storey farmhouse, built in the Georgian style of architecture. The building was completed in 1840, during the height of the industrial revolution in Coventry. The gardens are very open, as well as situated along the River Norfolk. The home is just two storeys high and allows for great views of the river and the surrounding countryside.


If you would prefer to have a more private setting, you can also choose to stay in the private B&B that is housed within the grounds of the Weaver’s House, which is situated next to the pier. The building itself contains a delightful garden, which offers a number of different activities for visitors to take part in. The private home is located next to the garden of the Weaver’s House, and is also just next to the Norfolk Broads. You will not need to venture far from your home when visiting the town, as you can simply drive straight to the Pier. The Weaver’s House can be found just next to the Norfolk Broads, making it incredibly convenient for anyone that wishes to explore this historic town. Also check hearsall-common