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Two Tone Village is located at Waiheke, just down the road from Hilo in Hilo Hawaii. I have been to this area many times and always enjoy stopping by on the way to or from work in Hilo. On my last visit I decided to stop by the “2 tone Village”, which is where the name originated from. It has since closed but this remains to be a wonderful place to visit if you’re ever in Hilo and craving some reggae music. It was very interesting to me that the building which used to house this venue is no longer there, but this building will most likely be torn down.

2 Tone Village museum store and cafe


2 Tone Village was founded by Keven De Leon. It began playing music as a live band in a small cafe called the Poppies Tea House in Hilo Hawaii. Keven then went on to play in the band’s Adrenaline Rush, Fairies in Trouble and finally broke up again. He then decided to move to California to pursue his music. Although he did make several albums, it seemed that this was to be the end of that particular style of music for him. He then started his own music recording studio called C&M Records.


This store and cafe offer great reggae music memorabilia, posters, and even a 2-tone guitar. There was a huge mural of Christopher Columbus at the front of the store. If you are into the music then this is definitely a must see. The inside of the 2 tone village has four walls full of memorabilia which is all original. There is a mural of Keven De Leon in the corner.


There are two recording rooms in the store. They are also the home of the C&M records studios. This means this store is a one of a kind in the sense that it offers authentic reggae music memorabilia, which is rare. It also has a large selection of rare and first edition records.


There is a children’s area inside the store, which is a plus. It also features an indoor shooting range, and a large indoor batting cage. This is perfect for the neighborhood kids to get some exercise. They can also watch you when you take the field to hit the ball. There are also a bar and lounge next door called the Lime Light.


The Village Museum also has an educational section, which is interesting. There is a large section on the history of Reggae, and a number of artifacts from the past. You can learn a lot about Reggae through this museum. You can also find out about the history of the village itself. Also check hawkesbury-junction