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Caludon Castle Park Coventry

Caludon Castle Park is located at the centre of the city of Coventry in the West Midlands England. This castle was once a major military and cultural centre for the region. It was the centre of British politics, armed forces and the arts during the time of William the Conqueror. Queen Elizabeth is known to have spent much of her time here. It is today one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area.


The castle was built by the first duke of Burgundy as an entrance to a road that went between Hereford and Warwick, to take the Duke of York across to Scotland. This road was to be used by the king to return from his conquest of England to win over there. The moat was built around this area of the castle.


The moat was a circular stone construction built out of turf. Inside the circular stone enclosure the drawbridge was built. The duke of Burgundy designed the circular moat with three sides. From inside the moat a stairway was built leading up to a door which led straight up to the main entrance of the castle. The drawbridge was constructed with four arches and the door was constructed with large iron bars.


At the time of the duke of Burgundy’s death the castle was left to the dame of Hereford, Matilda of Hereford. She was the first female king of the English, and she made improvements to the structure. She paved the way for many future generations to use the moat. The duke of Gloucester lived in the area during the refurbishment, and later in the Restoration Period the duke of Northumberland lived here.


The current owners, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are constantly maintaining the park. It is visited by many people on a summer’s day. The duke and Duchess are also keen participants in activities like cycling, walking and fishing. There is also a golf course at the park.


During the latter part of the Middle Ages the area became very crowded due to its commercial importance. As a result, it was closed to outsiders. During the Renaissance it was again an important center of learning and research. It had libraries, monasteries and learned men all in one place. Its role as a cultural center has remained strong throughout the centuries.


The duke of Gloucester lived in the north of the castle. When the castle was being built, the Duke of York lived in the west and the queen in the south. This division of power has remained ever since. The two royal families still keep close ties. On family holidays they sometimes meet at the old St. George’s Priory on Horsecross Street where they can both relax and share memories of their shared past.


The Caludon Castle Park is one of the best preserved medieval towns in England. It is a location that will delight the traveler and historians alike. The duke of Gloucester loved to entertain guests at his manor. He enjoyed spending time with them at the “Garden of Seven hills” and the “Larder of the Sea”. Also check spon-street-coventry