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Centre AT7 Coventry

Centre AT7 Coventry is located in the heart of the city. It is one of the busiest railway stations in England and one of the most crowded. The station has two platforms, namely the Central and Piccadilly. On each platform there are about 200 people waiting to go through the turnstiles. There are also two ticket vending machines in these platforms.


One can see the famous landmarks of the city located near the Station. The Natural History Museum is situated on the first platform of the train. It is one of the major attractions for travellers visiting the city. It houses the major collections of relics related to the history of the city. Other attractions include the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the Science Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum.


A theatre which is situated on the Coventry Street is quite popular among tourists visiting the city. There is a Main Theatre situated on the corners of Piccadilly Circus and Walworth Road. It is known as the Theatre Royal. This theatre is divided into three sections namely the Black Theatre, the Backstage and the Mainstage. Apart from these there is also another theatre called the Adelphi, which is situated in a place between Holborn and West End. The Theatre Royal is one of the best cinemas to watch in London.


To get to the centre of the city you need to take the local train. The journey takes about an hour. Once you reach the city, you can head to the Old Market Hall where you will find all the shopping centers and the restaurants. You will find some great dishes here such as Greek yoghurt, Turkish eggs and pakoras.


Another centre of the city, which is worth visiting is the British Museum. It is located on the Bankside at South End. Visiting the museum gives you an insight of the history, arts and crafts. Other than this, the other important museums that are located here are the Victoria and Albert Museum, National Maritime Museum and the National Gallery.


Finally, another centre of the city that is worth visiting is the famous Duarte-Rio. This is a church located on the Copacabana beach. It was built in 1776 and is the oldest church in the city. To make your trip to this church more authentic you should also try the Copacabana Rooftop Tour. There are many hotels located near the museum but if you want to experience a real old-world Portuguese feel you should visit it. Also check the-ballroom-climbing-wall