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The Ballroom Climbing Wall, as its name suggests is a climbing wall located in the city of Coventry. The first indoor rock climbing establishment in England was built in 1979 by a man named Bill Atkinson and was intended for indoor use only. However in the early eighties it was discovered to be a great outdoor activity with local clubs in the area. The wall was constructed to accommodate an indoor climbing competition. It has since been transformed into an extremely challenging indoor rock climbing gym.

The Ballroom Climbing Wall Coventry


The main attraction of this indoor rock climbing gym is that all of the equipment is totally enclosed. This means that all of the equipment that you would need is contained within the walls. The first time I saw the indoor version of the Rock Hall, I thought that it looked like a huge video game. The problem is that many people take indoor gyms for granted because they don’t realise just how much of the indoor rock climbing equipment is similar to the equipment used outdoors. The indoor Climbing Centre has made massive improvements since the first indoor wall was built.


If you are looking for the best place to train at for improving your indoor rock climbing skills, then you should look no further than The Ballroom Climbing Wall in Coventry. Located at the famous Devonshire Sports Park, The Ballroom is the world’s only completely enclosed indoor rock climbing gym. Other indoor facilities include indoor rock climbing walls, indoor rock climbing clubs and indoor rock climbing gym workouts.


The main attractions of this indoor rock climbing gym are the simulated rock faces that are included in the gym. These include the likes of Big Ben, cobblestone, limestone and several other classic British rock faces. Another feature that I really like is the recessed paneling. This allows the climbers to get right up to level with their fitness goals. Not only does it allow for great workout routines, but the indoor climbing wall allows the climber to have a safe place to climb when they are unable to reach the top of the indoor climbing wall.


When I was visiting The Ballroom, I got the chance to try out the indoor rock climbing gym. My experience was great. The workout routines were very intense. It was very refreshing to not have to worry about safety as I could literally hang off of the wall and look down and see nothing. I also really enjoyed the simulated climbing on the actual rock faces. The gym staff was very friendly and patient with my questions about indoor rock climbing and I felt comfortable leaving my questions with them.


The Ballroom Climbing Wall in Coventry offers many things for indoor and outdoor climbing. The facilities are well maintained and the climbing is excellent. It is definitely one of the best indoor gyms I’ve been to in my entire life. If you live in or near the state of North Carolina and are looking for a new activity or hobby to get into, I highly recommend The Ballroom Climbing Wall. It is affordable, fun, challenging, and affordable (in comparison to similar clubs in other states). I look forward to visiting The Ballroom soon. Also check redkangaroo-trampoline-park-coventry