GAB Handyman Service Area Jam Jam Boomerang Indoor Play, Party and Lazer Venue

A Jam and Boomerang Indoor Play Party are a great idea for children of all ages. The unique combination of a game of skill with an award-winning theme makes for a really unique experience for the kids. Located at the Elton Towers, the venue offers indoor play space, which can accommodate groups of up to eight kids at any given time.

Jam Jam Boomerang Indoor Play Party and Lazer Venue coventry


Kids are naturally adventurous so you will want to ensure that there is plenty to keep them entertained in this indoor play environment. There are two activities that the kids and their parents can participate in to keep them busy. There is an obstacle course that the kids can enjoy participating in, while at the same time, the balloons that you hang in the trees will provide a safe way for them to launch off of the various poles. The best part about the balloons is that they offer lots of excitement as the kid runs through them and the challenge to hit them flies through the air. The aim is for the balloons to reach the other side of the obstacle course.


The kids love this unique indoor game and so do the adults who have a chance of slipping up in here. In addition to the balloons, the “Lazer Tag” game is also available. This is a foam tag style game where the players have to throw their lazer guns at targets which are located within a large circle of foam. The winner is the one that successfully hits the target.


When you have kids that love to run around, then the Jumper Ball Indoor Play Party and Lazer Tag Event is definitely a must attend for you and the entire family. The game is set up with an obstacle course that has obstacles such as ladders, slide poles, ramps, boxes, and many more. You will also find in this area with inflatable bounce houses, bouncy castles, and tunnel slides.


Jumper Ball is a game in which the players have to shoot out balloons while they are balancing on one another. They can use their lasers or glow sticks. This is a fantastic indoor activity that all ages can enjoy. For a wonderful outside activity, why not try the Balloon Ride?


This activity involves the use of a massive inflatable ball and a set of bounce houses. The kids will need to wear costumes to fit the character of each character on the balloon. The objective is to go round the balloon using only the lazer guns and without touching the balloons. When the objective has been reached, the event staff will pull the balloon back to the ground and the event is over! The kids will have fun for hours and if they are lucky there might be a prize awarded. So why not make this Jamboerang Indoor Play Party and Lazer Coventry indoor game a part of your event? Also check lavender-hall-park