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Lavender Hall Park in Coventry is a great place for families. Located on the outskirts of the city, it is not too far from the main public transport links such as the Coach and Horses or Victoria Lines. For those that do not want to use public transport, there is also a wonderful railway station which will take you right into the heart of the city. It is the perfect place to take your young children or just enjoy some quiet time with your spouse. This park is a great place for family fun and there are many things for kids to do. The park has various facilities which will ensure that your children have loads of fun.

Lavender Hall Park near coventry


One of the most popular things for children here is rollerblading. There are a number of different paths set out which allow children to explore and rollerblading is the main activity here. Another great activity that children love here is jogging along the tracks. This is a fantastic exercise activity for everyone in the family and the park offers many different routes for running.


Another popular feature of this park is that there are numerous places for children to play. There are lots of playground equipment available for children to use and the whole area is very safe and secure. The park is also located close to other attractions, which means that parents do not need to travel too far for their children to get enough entertainment. The local shopping centres are also located within walking distance and this means that parents can relax and enjoy the shopping without worrying about taking their children out.


A smaller children’s park is located close to the centre of the park and this is where parents and children can enjoy some gentle walks. There is also a climbing wall here and it is suitable for all levels of ability. There are a number of different types of slides available at this facility and it is suitable for both older children and younger ones. There are a number of swings available to hire and this gives parents an opportunity to take their children to have some quality time together.


The whole park is surrounded by a number of different types of buildings and this means that parents can enjoy the scenery whilst listening to the sounds of the various attractions that are located nearby. The lavender fields that surround the park are ideal for children to explore and this is an area where children love to go. There is a small shop situated on the opposite corner of the park and this allows parents to buy something for their child. The market day organza market takes place once each Saturday and this attract a large number of shoppers from Coventry and the surrounding areas. This is a fantastic opportunity for parents to interact with their children and enjoy the day going through different stalls selling food, fruit and produce. There is also a small harbour where small boats can be hired to take people to a number of different water-based activities.


Children love to fish and the park’s pier is a great place for families to enjoy some fishing. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend some time together while enjoying the scenery that is found in the park. There are a number of different activities that can be enjoyed at the park and parents are advised to make their kids sit down with them and make them try out as many things as possible. The park’s mascot is a pig called Fido and he makes regular appearances in the area and he is a favourite among the kids. Fido will greet visitors and encourage them to sit down and have a bite to eat so this gives parents an exciting chance to talk to their children while enjoying the park. Also check weavers-house