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Lady Herbert’s Gardens is a landscaped garden within the city of Coventry, located at the corner of Race Street. The gardens were designed and laid out by Lady Herbert herself. Her aim was to create a garden that would be a place in which the young artist could practice her art. She specifically wanted it to be a calm place where she could sit and contemplate the work she had been doing all her life.

Lady Herberts Gardens Coventry


Construction and laying down first stage was done in 1930 and last stage was done in 1939. In the early part of the thirteenth century the garden was founded as a summer palace by King Henry II. Lady Herbert had designed a small court for her children to play in. It later became the summer palace of the King Henry IV and from there it gradually moved to become Lady Herbert’s Gardens. There are many stories behind the name’Herbert’ which is believed to come from the habit of the young royals to visit the gardens and talk to the gardener in charge.


It is said the royals were entertained there by the then Prince Regent, his grandfather. The gardens were later included in the duke of Norfolk’s house as part of his plans to make the house into a palace. A group of the gardens are still standing and they are open to visitors. Lady Herbert had designed large meadows surrounded by lawns, flowerbeds and beautiful trees. She planned to make these places beautiful and serene to the eye but at the same time vibrant and lively.


It is one of the largest and most famous gardens in England. There are about four thousand trees and four thousand flowers in the garden. It was meant to be the home of the Queen but later it was turned into a Royal garden. The place was destroyed during the Second World War but was rebuilt and Lady Herbert lived there. She died in that house in 1967.


Herbs and plants abound in the garden, all over it being extremely well organised. There are also walkways, courts and pergolas. You can walk along the River Irwell and visit the gardens located near the Irwell marina.


Some parts of the garden are located off the beaten track and require more walking. You may find some lovely plants growing here such as the orchids, crocuses, lavender and hydrangeas. You will also find the bird-life abounds with goldfinches, woodpeckers, towhees, quail, finches, starlings and many more. This garden has been designed especially for the Lady Herbert who loved flowers. This garden has been lovingly designed by her and is one of the finest examples of English garden design. Also check tocil-wood-and-nature-reserve