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Tocil Wood and Nature Reserve Coventry

Tocil Wood and Nature Reserve is located at Ward-Install-On-Avon in Warwickshire England. It is an 8 acre wooded reserve with various native species of flora and fauna. Flat trails amidst meadows, oak forest and wetland habitats with varied wildlife and many exotic birds can be seen here. It is the perfect place for birding, walking and wildlife tourism.


This natural reserve is a great destination for nature lovers and also an educational one for the young ones. It is not only a place for enjoyment and education but also a habitat to a wide variety of birds and animals. The aviary with its unique collection of tropical and migratory birds, the wetland areas and the wetland banks are home to rare species of flora and fauna. One will find a large variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects here.


A very popular attraction here is Tocil Wood and Nature Reserve. This is a wonderful attraction especially for bird watchers who love to watch the different species of birds here. It has been declared as one of the country’s most visited bird sanctuaries. There are various species of birds’ house, which are very beautiful. You will also find different types of plants in different stages of growth. There are some exotic species of plants that are unique to this area.


This is a favorite among the children because they get to feed the cute and funny birds in the aviary. When you go here, you should wear comfortable shoes so that you don’t get tired from walking around all day. This park has an easy access from the airport and major roads. You can get the park pass in order to enter the park. You will be able to buy maps and other accessories that you need for your trip to Tocil Wood and Nature Reserve. There is a lodge near the park.


You can also visit the Shanti Wildlife Sanctuary, the biggest tropical forest reserve in Australia. This reserve houses many species of birds including the resident and migratory birds. The birds can be viewed in their natural surroundings in the Australian outback with the beautiful scenery.


There are also different interesting activities that you can do at Tocil Wood and Nature Reserve. You can walk through the rainforests, fish, watch the wildlife, or even ride on the back of a Jeep on the remote Ranges. There are different activities that you can do to capture the real essence of Australia’s amazing wildlife. Also check lake-view-park