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If you’re looking for a relaxing place to spend the afternoon or evening, look no further than Lake View Park in Coventry. Open in the summer months, this landscaped park in the centre of the city offers plenty of outdoor activities. Relaxing and entertaining, Lake View Park is a great location for a picnic or barbecue. The area is also perfect for family picnics and other family gatherings.

Lake View Park Coventry


Located at the eastern end of the Lake Street canal, the park features three unique buildings. A restored 19th century stone church is located on the opposite corner of the park from the public pavilions. The Georgian era buildings are surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden. The park benches line the water path, which travels along the lake’s edge. Picnic tables and chairs are placed near some amazing plantings and flower gardens.


The park is surrounded by landscaped gardens that feature oak trees, flowers and shrubs. Several varieties of birds and mammals can be seen around the lake. During the autumn season, the park is an interesting place to go for wildflower viewing. Coventry has a wide variety of different types of gardens for you to enjoy; you just need to find the one that suits you. The lake features woodlands as well as pea gravel pathways that lead to the numerous ponds and lakes.


If you are planning on taking your dog or cats to the park, you may want to consider getting a small dog kennel for them to enjoy their stay while visiting. Located at the north end of the park, the dog kennel provides a comfortable place for your pets to relax while being around other animals. Other features of the park include nature walks, boat launches and paddle boats. All of these features make the park a wonderful destination for families to visit.


Another unique and fun aspect of the Lake View Park Coventry is the boat ramp. This ramp is located next to the dock that is used for water sports and there are small restaurants and stores that are located here. If you would rather not take your boat to the lake, you can rent a jet ski, parasail or pike fishing gear. A concession stand is located by the dock so that visitors have an opportunity to buy sodas, chips and beverages. All of these attractions make the park a great attraction and something that you don’t want to miss when visiting the area.


The views of the area from Lake View Park Coventry are definitely something to behold. Located near the city of Coventry, the lake is a beautiful place to spend time while enjoying all of the beautiful features of the land. If you are planning on taking your family to the lake, you may want to consider taking a day trip up to the park to explore it further. With several exciting things to do at the park, you will find that you have plenty to do while in the area. If you visit the area during the summer months, you will find that it has plenty to offer year round. Also check faerie-tale-farm-alpacas