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Laura Ashley The Tea Room is located at the corner of Coventry’s famous Green Park. You may have heard of Laura Ashley and her famous tea parties. Her tea parties are known to serve amazing tea like no other in the world. Laura Ashley was born and raised in England, where her passion for tea started at a very young age. After studying at University in London she decided to take on her own life and travel the world, Laura Ashley The Tea Room was born.

Laura Ashley The Tea Room coventry


This restaurant has been featured in various national publications including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times Bestseller List. It has also won various gourmet awards including the coveted Michelin Star. The Tea Room is run by Laura Ashley and her husband Nick. The business was started in Coventry back in 1992 and still run as a family owned business.


There are many reasons for this great business to continue to prosper in this location. The first reason is that this location is easily accessible to the rest of the city. It is located close to the major airports and other important points of interest such as the universities. It is located in a very walkable and convenient location.


The second reason this location has continued to be successful is because it offers a relaxed atmosphere. This is unlike many of the other cafes/restaurants in the city that can make people feel very rushed and closed-minded. The Tea Room provides a very relaxing atmosphere with its picturesque surroundings. It is also a great place to enjoy some quiet time with friends or family. Because it is located in an ideal location, it can accommodate many guests at once.


The third reason this business is so popular is because of the wonderful customer service they provide. If you walk into Laura Ashley The Tea Room, you will instantly notice the high quality of the furnishings and decorations. Their focus on providing excellent service goes above and beyond any other coffee shop in the city. Their courteous employees are always ready to help customers find what they want. This, along with their unbeatable prices, has made this business very popular in a short amount of time.


Laura Ashley The Tea Room is a perfect example of how a business can use its location to benefit them in a positive way. They have created a comfortable atmosphere for many different types of people to enjoy their products and services. This has enabled them to expand into a much larger location and have more business than they could have dreamed possible. This business thrives on providing excellent service to their customers while remaining a quaint and charming setting. This gives their customers a reason to come in and stay for a very long time. Because of the many different reasons to visit Laura Ashley The Tea Room, you should definitely take a trip sometime. Also check 2-tone-village