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Meadowlands Fishery near Coventry

Meadowlands Fishery is located in the village of Oxley upon Avon, on the south side of the River Lea. “Meadowlands Fishery” includes Warren and Lambsdown lakes, former sand and gravel pits, now covered by lush parklands surrounding the area. The location has been a popular place for families for many years, and today it still attracts people looking for peace and quiet. If you want to find out more about the village, why not visit its new interpretive centre? This centre offers a wide range of activities and attractions for the whole family, as well as information about the town and its history.


A short trip from the centre of Meadowlands Fishery, you’ll find the Avon Valley Caves. These caves were originally used by ancient people to store grain. Today they’re a popular attraction for those seeking a night out, with music, DJ’s and special events. The farm itself is very interesting. It’s surrounded by woods, hills and the River Lea.


Meadowlands Fishery has a lot to offer visitors. You can see the historic market days before the Romans arrived and take part in today’s farmer’s market. You can enjoy a picnic here or have a meal under the stars in one of the many bars, cafes or restaurants.


Another nearby attraction is the St. Lawrence Church. Its location makes it convenient to visit during any time of the day. This picturesque old church features beautiful stained glass windows and an intricate chandelier. The church is very charming, with traditional features and a modern setting. Its underground complex contains a cafeteria, a music store and a small shop that sells its own products.


If you like your countryside park settings, then you should definitely consider a trip to St. Lawrence Farm. Located in Chippenham, it is a not too far to walk from the center of Coventry. You will be able to find delicious cheeses, fruits, vegetables, honey and locally caught fish while you are here. There are also some excellent pubs and restaurants that serve both local and international fare.


Another wonderful site that’s located close to the town of Coventry is the Medlock Farm Park. This recreated version of a medieval village is located inside the grounds of the farm. There are many exhibits and attractions which include a miniature golf course, a functioning market and even a cricket club. This popular park is open year round and offers enjoyment to the entire family. Also check spencer-park