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A short drive from London, lies Spencer Park in Coventry. This popular park is nestled at the foot of Lady Bower Reservoir. This picturesque park offers a wide range of attractions for people of all ages. Located near to the famous Peak District and packed with events & festivals, Spencer Park is a haven for people looking to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Spencer Park Coventry


The park is administered by a local body called the Free and Independent Parks and Wildlife Trust. This is a not for profit company that relies on contributions from its partners and volunteers. It has three different trusts: Northeast trustees, South East Trust and the West Indies Trust. Its governing document can be viewed here. All our posts on this site are supported by the sponsorship and donations of people like you.


There are numerous attractions located at the park including a children’s playground, a skateboard ramp, a climbing wall and a pond. There are also several places for picnic and activities for the children. Many organisations also operate here such as the Sainsbury’s Free Parking Scheme, the local council and the National Trust. You can also learn more about the history of the park and why it is now a World Heritage Site.


Spencer Park has also opened a new playground called the Kingsway Park Precinct which is managed and funded by the National Trust. Here you will find playground equipment, slides, a trampoline, ball equipment and a covered walkway. This project was completed in partnership with the Kingsley Park Precinct. The Park is scheduled to open for opening in the New Year.


There are also two other playgrounds at the park. The first one is called The Picnic Area and it is mainly used by the families during summertime. The other one is called the Summer Gardens and it is an area where the children can relax and play. The Summer Gardens is situated next to the playgrounds and provides a place for children to have some fun during the hot months of the year.


The park was created as a result of the recommendation made by Lord Attlee to rebuild the park after the war. The rebuilt park has improved facilities that will provide a safe environment for the children. The park is well maintained and you will be able to enjoy a quiet evening in the sun. Also check crackley-woods-nature-reserve