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The National Trust – Baddesley Clinton is an old manor house, probably around eight miles west of the small town of Warwick, in the parish of Baddesley, Warwickshire, England, formerly known as Baddeeton. The house was probably originally built in the thirteen hundreds, when vast expanses of the forest of Arden were first cleared for cultivation. The present building is over one hundred years old. It stands in a delightful wooded area on the Banks of Beconn Forest. It is thought to date from the fifteenth century, when it was begun by John Baddeton who rebuilt it to an excellent state of repair.

National Trust  Baddesley Clinton


A visit to the National Trust Museum takes you on a journey through history. Here you will see an account of the life of John Baddeton. The museum is also visited by people who want to trace their genealogical roots. The National Trust has kept records of their baddesley Clinton’s forefathers, and also provides information about them, during the social distancing time slots. John Baddeton died in 1560, so this is the main focus of this museum.


Another fascinating section of the National Trust Museum in Baddessham is its Medieval Hall, which is two centuries old and a preserved example of hallingale architecture, which is famous in the Middle Ages. You will find a modern section, dedicated to exploring the social distancing time slots in addition to the Medieval Hall. This fascinating venue has a large Medieval banquet room, designed with an open fireplace.


The National Trust’s archive department is located at the Baddessham Art Gallery, which is the oldest gallery in England. The collection here consists of a large range of paintings, including early British Masterpieces. There is also an Early Georgian Exhibition Centre, where you can view a selection of Georgian style furniture. You can also view some of The National Trust’s collection of stamps and coins. The Old Hall, situated in between the Art Gallery and the Science Gallery, is a Grade II listed building.


If you are looking for something a bit different when visiting Baddessham, then make sure that you check out the National Trust’s farm park. Here you can see some wild flowers and listen to the sounds of a real or modern farmer. This is an excellent opportunity to get closer to wildlife and to take part in a fascinating activity, which also encourages you to learn more about local history and the environment in general.


While at Baddessham, don’t forget to try some of the great cottages in this beautiful area. Cottages are a great way to relax after a busy day shopping or touring Baddessham – they provide a much needed respite from the crowds and offer a real sense of British countryside. Once you visit a cottage in Baddessham, you will never go back to your standard apartment or hotel again!. You can also cgeck the other service area Herbert Art Gallery & Museum