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Nuneaton Museum  Art Gallery

Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery situated in the beautiful grounds of Riversley Park, Nuneaton-on-Avon, England is dedicated to exhibiting constantly changing touring and temporary exhibitions featuring art from different parts of the world. A large amount of work from many different artists can be found in this large venue. There is also a permanent gallery dedicated to George Eliot, along with others concentrating on local history and art. It is very worthwhile to take a stroll through this place as it can really help you unwind and relax after a hard day’s work or during your breaks.


The history of the Nuneaton Museum can be traced back to 1730, when it was founded as part of the new London town of nuneaton and Warwickshire. Here a local cloth manufacturer by the name of John Evelyn established the Nuneaton Loom Factory. This factory has been run for almost two hundred years and has seen the manufacture of some of the finest clothing items in the world including ladies’ coats, shawls, tablecloths, linen, hats and much more. When John Evelyn died his estate was included within the boundary of the town of Nuneaton and today this area is known as the Evelyn Industrial Estate. Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery itself traces its history back to the fourth century when it was believed that John Evelyn was the first person to print antiques in this particular style.


There are many fascinating exhibits on display in this museum and art gallery such as an original wool rug from the thirteenth century, plus a fine collection of tapestry and prints, which date all the way back to the Tudor period. The exhibits range throughout history but particularly the four centuries which encompass the middle section of the eighteenth century. These include a wool gown discovered at Nuneaton in the thirteenth century, plus various tapestries which have been made here. In fact a lot of the tapestries that are available have been made not only in this factory but also in other textile mills located all over the country of England. Tapestries were often woven together by skilled tailors and artisans to create these beautiful masterpieces.


The museum also houses a fine collection of archaeological finds which include numerous examples of weaponry, especially daggers and spears. It also houses numerous examples of Nuneaton pottery which comes from various regions of England and the county of Wiltshire. There are also several artworks spanning various categories which can be found here including ceramics, glass and stone. In addition there are two large exhibition areas which provide numerous displays and exhibits which feature a wide selection of fine art and decorative pottery.


One other area of the Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery, which contains a rich collection of memorabilia and information about the town is the Riverley Park. This area was once the country estate of the well-known duke of Norfolk and is located close to the railway station of the National Park. In fact, it lies under the exact same line as the famous railway station of the same name. This part of the park has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wiltshire. Exhibitions which take place in this park include a fine arts fair which brings many art enthusiasts to this area.


One other special area of the Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery, which are suitable for those interested in more natural history is the Botanical Gardens of Nuneaton. This large garden is located next to the Nuneaton Railway Station and includes a functioning zoo, a nature preserve and an open-air fish market. This gallery and museum also contain a large number of exhibits relating to local history. This area of the museum includes a fine art gallery and several display spaces where you can see examples of local art and crafts. Many local artisans produce their goods here, including leather, silk and ceramics. The gardens are also a major producer of vegetables for the restaurants in Wiltshire. Also check

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