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Warwick Arts Centre Coventry is a multi-location community arts centre in the city of Warwick, England. It draws about 300,000 people annually to more than 3,000 different events, presenting all kinds of theatre, dance, drama, music, photography, plays and visual art. A Warwick Arts Centre is an ideal place for all forms of entertainment and education, as it features a large stage and auditorium as well as a series of workshops and educational activities. The centre was originally built in the late 1970s as part of the London West Indies Arts Festival and has since become one of the most popular venues in the city. The centre is now run by the city council as a not-for-profit company.


The main feature of the Coventry Arts Centre’s current incarnation is its new four-weekend programme, featuring a series of concerts, theatrical productions, workshops, live entertainment and poetry readings, which is collectively known as the Coventry Arts Festival. Coventry itself is a vibrant and interesting community region with many buzzing markets, lively evenings and buzzing bars and restaurants. The Warwick Arts Centre is located in the heart of this vibrant hub and will resonate strongly with the residents of Coventry as well as visitors from the world over.


The Theatre Royal, located at Thu 24 junction, is the Coventry Arts Centre’s main stage. It has been named after the theatre royal’s own father, the famous actor Sir Christopher Marlowe, and is home to a long list of past and present performers including Christopher Moore, Alas Christie, Thick As One and Morena Brea. It also houses the archive of the world-famous Queen Elizabeth II and her engagement ring, amongst other memorabilia. This venue is regularly used by the public as a stage for musicals and dramas – especially Troubles. In the summer it is often used as a family venue when Coventry is holding a family event or other summertime attractions.


A few streets north of the Theatre Royal is the centre of activity around Coventry’s vibrant and buzzing east end. The Engine Shop Gallery is located at Coventry’s busiest shopping area. Here you can browse through hundreds of stalls selling everything from stationery and books to clothes, crafts and jewellery. During daytime hours, you can also visit the shops and cafes that line the street. For Coventry’s younger community, the Old Market Hall is an arts centre where you can watch live performances and buy CDs and DVDs. On Tuesdays, the public is invited to enjoy lunch in the market square where you can relax and browse for bargains.


Further north, just outside of the centre of Coventry is the vibrant and boisterous Coventry City. Set against the backdrop of a river that provides a home for thousands of birds and many forms of marine life, the city is one of the UK’s leading cultural centres. If you are looking for something a little quieter, look no further than Wookey hole, a classic Victorian style discotheque with a beautiful bar and restaurant. On Tuesdays, the pubs and bars line the main road to cater for local Coventry nightlife needs. There are also weekly farmer’s markets set up in the summer months when you can purchase local produce and buy products at affordable prices.


Although these are just a few of the venues and locations available within the city of Coventry and its surrounding areas, they provide a good insight into the range of options available to residents and tourists to enjoy the city and its neighbouring regions. Many of the venues and attractions mentioned above can be found within a short distance of Coventry. Many offer entertainment, dining, or simply walking areas within their walls. Some are situated within easy reach of the major towns and cities of the UK, while others are tucked away in quiet residential environments. Regardless of which you choose to visit, the choice is all yours. Also check service area Astley Castle, Landmark Trust