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Riversley Park lies at the base of the Fox River at its confluence with the Fox River at its junction with the Alderley Edge. This is a small but ideal place for a peaceful time spent outdoors, surrounded by lovely greenery and wildflowers. The park is very picturesque and offers a lovely walking path that starts off from its pergola and leads to a wooded bog just beyond. It also contains a wooded campground and a playground. Here you can get to know some local wildlife.

Riversley Park Nuneaton


The park is a designated British Natural Heritage Site and therefore has certain regulations in place regarding entry and use of its land. Riversley Park is a large park, so it is not suitable for small children or animals. It is situated immediately to the north of the busy town centre, within a stone’s throw of the River Anker and the River Oxen. The bridge across the river spans its length.


There are various activities available on and around this park. There are two large jogging tracks, one leading down to the River Anker and the other taking you near the River Oxen. The River Anker runs through the park and provides access to several walking paths. The river’s basin is filled with different types of wildflowers and there are also a couple of wildlife areas.


Visitors can also enjoy a nature quadrature boat trip on the River Oxen. This boat ride takes you on a trip through the park and along its canals. It starts off with a walk along the main walking path which has numerous signs informing about the area’s wildflowers. You then proceed on to a boat ride over a wooden bridge and finally take a seat on the boat.


In addition to a wide variety of wildflowers, the park is home to a couple of popular attractions such as a puppet theatre and a miniature railway. There is also the Riversley Park Explorer and a Bear Walk. There is a free bus service available and there is also a bus serving the park every twenty-four hours from Gillingham.


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