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The National Motorcycle Museum, formerly known as the Motorcyclists Union of Great Britain, occupies an 8 acre site at Bickenhill, Birmingham, England and houses the world’s largest display of British bikes. The museum also has historic museum and meeting facilities. Visitors will be fascinated by the collection of antique bikes from all over the world that are on display. There are also a number of interactive exhibits and displays, interactive exhibits such as a Tassimo Coffee machine and a touch-screen fridge. The other feature worth seeing is the National Motorcycle Museum Cafe, which serves a variety of sandwiches and desserts.

The National Motorcycle Museum bICKENHILL


The National Motorcycle Museum is a member of the National Motorcycle Museum and Vintage Cycle Museum & Gallery Limited. The motorbikes on display come from various manufacturers including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, KTM and Aprilia. The museum has recently added a section on bikes to its website along with information on oil changes, classic bikes and oil tank storage. The museum is now run as a not for profit and the provision of a host of services to visitors including a care centre, a restaurant and coffee shop.


It was founded by John Bickford who started it off in 1940. Since then it has grown to comprise a wide range of buildings, gardens and lands and now has one of the most extensive collections of motorbikes in the UK outside of Harley Davidson. It still holds a large collection of classic bikes and other vehicles.


If you visit Bickenhill you need to take your own bike there. One option is to use the specially built cycle sharing scheme at the nearby Arundelpet Industrial Estate. These have a small charge per day but you only have to visit the museum for a short time to sample the attractions. The museum has an onsite visitor centre with a host of facilities including a changing room, a gift shop and guided tours. There are also a cafe and an information desk where you can find maps, brochures and more about the history of the area, along with the local information about bikes in Bickenhill and the surrounding areas.


The other option is to rent a bike or two. The Cycle Hire Scheme is run by the local council. It has an application process that will take about a week, and during this time you will be able to try out several different types of bikes. You will have to keep your insurance up to date, and all your registration papers are valid for up to a year. The cost of the scheme is a nominal one pound.


To get a bike you can visit Cycle Hire in Bickenhill. It is set to launch in Spring 2021 and is located close to the busy road congestion around Bowden. Bickenhill is a good place to buy a used motorbike, so any of the dealers should have a reasonable price. The area has a lot of cycle lanes, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one. The National Motorcycle Museum at Bickenhill is a good way to spend a day, exploring some of the motorbike cultures of the UK. Check other service area National Trust – Baddesley Clinton