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The Wave is an enormous indoor waterpark situated in Coventry in the West Midlands. The water park now holds the record for the biggest indoor wave pool in the UK, with a capacity of more than 20 million litres. The indoor park also features a lazy stream, a giant wave and six different slides of various intensity.


The Wave features a number of attractions which make it a unique indoor waterpark. The Wave also has two separate lazy rivers, which provide passengers with exciting views as they glide along the banks of the river. The Wave also features a wave pool and an interactive water play area. The Wave was designed by Coventry based designers Andy Atkins and James Dyson, who were awarded the best UK designers of their year in a prestigious industry award.


The Wave features a number of attractions which make it a unique indoor waterpark. The Wave can also be extended to two separate sides. The side by side attraction of the Wave is its slide, which allows for two people to slip between slides at different heights, while splashing down in the surrounding area. The Wave features a total of eight different slides, all of varying severity.


The Wave rides at The Wave are extremely fun and exciting. They contain a mix of traditional roller coasters and modern twists, including a raft that travels across the entire attraction. There are also a number of attractions situated near the pool, including a lighthouse and tramway. The Wave also features a giant log, which is perfect for trick or treating fans.


The Wave is definitely a ride you don’t want to miss when visiting Coventry. If you have never been on one before, it’s best to try the rides at the various attractions before making your final choice. Once you do make your selection, you can enjoy the fun at the Splash Park until your heart’s content. The Coventry Splash Park is definitely a place for families to visit.


The Wave may not be the only attraction featuring a raft. The Wave at Waverley Park in Wiltshire is also a great way to enjoy the local town. You can also visit the local fish market to pick up some fine local seafood. You may also want to consider other rides from the Wave at Waverley Park, including a Thomas the Tank Engine roller coaster and a replica of a Victorian steam train. The Wave at Waverley Park also offers other family rides including a wooden train and a tunnel ride, which are great for children. Also check the other Service area – Stoneleigh Abbey